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√  Non-steroidal

√  Non-irritant

√  Fragrance Free

√  Pharmacist-tested

Proteca Emollient:
Gentle yet effective treatment for sensitive skin

If you suffer from a dry skin condition, Proteca is just the product you’re looking for. Proteca was developed in by a team of hospital pharmacists in the Royal Children Hospital, and is formulated specifically for patients with dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and is suitable for all ages including infants.

Thanks to it’s effectiveness, Proteca P50 Ointment is the No. 1 recommended option by Australian pharmacist in leading chain retailer.

P50 Eczema Ointment

- Ideal for very dry and cracked skin

- 3-in-1 ointment can be used directly on the skin, in the bath or as a skin cleanser
- No alcohol, preservatives, SLS, fragrances and colorants 

- Suitable for all ages including infants

- Available in 10g and 80g sizes.

HA Calming Lotion

- Light, non-greasy, intensive hydrating moisturiser for everyday use.
- Added helianthus annuus seed oil and aloe vera leaf juice to soothe, hydrate and protect sensitive skin.
- No parabens, MIT, lanolin, artificial colours or fragrances
- Suitable for all ages including infants
- Available in 10g and 100g sizes.

Sensitive Skin Gentle Wash

- pH-balanced soap-free body wash and facial cleanser
- Contains gentle ingredients to refresh dry, itchy or sensitive skin.
- Available in 500mL

Barrier Cream

- With astringent properties that forms a barrier to prevent, manage and treat irritations and discomforts caused by external factors (urine, stools, rubbing against clothing or nappies)
- Formulated for easy-application
- Added zinc oxide 7.5%
- Available in 100g

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Proteca Scar Reduction Gel:
Advanced formulation for the treatment of scars

Proteca Scar Reduction Gel is suitable for newly healed wounds and on visible old scars including hypertrophic scars and keloids.
It is an ultra-light, transparent, self-drying silicone gel.


Formulated with the Scar S™ system which is a proprietary blend of Cyclopentasiloxane (a form of silicone), vitamin C and vitamin E derivatives to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, while improving the appearance of the scar.


It helps to flatten, soften and smoothen scars, relieve the itching and discomfort of the skin caused by scars and reduces associated pain and redness. 

Scar Gel

- Non-greasy   
- Quick drying 
- Can be applied to scars on all areas of the skin, including the face and joints.
- Suitable for sensitive skin and children over 2 years of age
- Recommended by pharmacist and physician in Australia

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Mode of Action
- Provides effective occlusion and hydration

- Reduces pigmentation


Normalizes collagen production


Forms a barrier against bacteria invasion

Modulation of growth factors

Fibroblast production decreases, collagenase production increases, therefore overall collagen production is normalized 

Scar S™


Effectiveness: Improvement of scar symptoms using the Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS)
Tolerability: No side effects such as maceration, rashes or infections  

Physician and patient satisfaction


More information on each Proteca products can be obtained through our medical representatives. Please get in touch !

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